DG15 basic setup for Grid, Properties and Units of Measure ( inches, mm)

1.  Grid Settings

Please open a new design page and click on the icon I have boxed in red below to turn on your grid

If your grid is not set up the way you like it, right click on either design page ruler to open the grid settings window.  Once you have changed the settings, click OK to save


2.  Units of measure

click on Tools/Configuration/User Settings, then set your units to Imperial, Inches and Stitches per Inch.  Click OK when finished to save the settings
​      ​

3.  Two places are available to make a change to the font selection:

A.  Properties docking window ( View/Toolbars and Docking Windows/Properties)  or B.  Properties Bar ( View/Properties Bar)

                                   A                                                                B
                    Docking Window                                            Properties Bar

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