DG16: Random Repeat (Creator level and higher)



The Random Repeat tool uses a selected design element and makes copies of it, which are randomly distributed in the design workspace.
In the dialog, you are able to set the size of the template, the minimum and maximum scale of the copied design, the minimum spacing between elements in the finished design, and whether the individual designs are rotated or not.
You can also opt to color sort the overall design, to keep color changes to a minimum.
 To use the Random Repeat tool:
  1. Select a segment or a number of segments.
  2.   On the Personalization Toolbar, select the Random Repeat tool to open the Random Repeat Dialogue


3.  In the Template Size area, enter the size of the area you want to cover in the height and width fields.
4.  In the Design Properties area, make any of the following modifications:
  • Change the minimum and /or maximum scale of the individual design elements that will be used to fill the area (the Random Repeat tool will make some instances smaller or larger to best fill the space).  The maximum and minimum sizes are expressed as a percentage of the original size of the element.
  • Adjust the minimum (closest) spacing between the design elements.
  • Auto Rotate ( on by default):  When set, allows the tool to rotate the design elements randomly within the Random Repeat.  Uncheck this box to force the designs to all be placed with the same orientation.


  • To resequence the overall design so that colors are placed consecutively, check Auto resequence by color


5.  Click the Apply Button

     A preview of the resulting design is displayed in the dialog box.

           Note:  You can repeat steps 2-5 until you get the look you want before generating the segments.  Each time the Apply button is slicked, the Random Repeat tool's randomization will be re-done, so, if you are not satisfied with the resulting pattern, continue to click Apply to generate new patterns until you like the result.




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