DG16: Create Boundary (Creator level and higher)


The Create Boundary dialogue allows you to add a boundary around a selected artwork or embroidery segment.  The boundary that is created will follow the outline of the selection and will be offset outwards; offset distance can be changed in the Boundary Distance.  The boundary can be generated  as an artwork path or as embroidery - a run, steil or cross-stitch segment. 


To use the Create Boundary tool:


  1. Select an artwork embroidery segment


2.  Right-click to open the Context menu.

3.  On the menu, select Auto-Create Boundary to open the dialogue window




4.  (Options)  Check the Show Preview box to display the design with the boundary, check 3D to view simulated stitches.

5.  Set the boundary offset, in mm, in the Boundary Distance field - this is the distance from the edge of the design

6.  Click one of the radio buttons to select the boundary type

  • Artwork
  • Run
  • Steil
  • Cross-Stitch

7.  Click OK to generate the segment on the design page.











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