GraffixPro Studio - Latest release software download, Installation and activation instructions

Download GraffixPro Studio by Pulse  >  Latest version 


This update applies to customers who have already purchased and are currently using GraffixPro Studio or have received an activation code from Pulse Micro.   


** please note, GraffixPro Studio licensing is a single computer activation - the license includes 6 de-activations and 6 activations to allow for Computer changes due to crashes, upgrades, etc. 

 To see a video demonstration of GraffixPro Studio please click the icon belowclick_for_demo.jpg  

1) Click  the link below  to download the software installation file and save to your computer.

Minimum computer specifications recommended by Pulse are

  • Genuine Intel Pentium V, dual-core or better processor
  • Microsoft Windows® 8.1 or 10
  • 4GB RAM installed memory - additional RAM will give better processing results
  • at least 400MB of free hard drive disk space - (1GB is recommended)


2)  From the Drobox window, please select Download and then Direct Download


3)  Save the file to the computer



4)  Once downloaded - check the downloads folder in your computer for the setup file,  Double click the application file to begin the setup



You may also find a shortcut to run the installer on your computer desktop, double click to begin the installation



5) Depending on your computer setup, User Account Control may open a window  Asking "Do you want to allow the following app to make changes to this computer?", please click YES to proceed with the installation.                                           


This will begin the Windows Installer 




6) Welcome to the InstallShield for Graffix Pro Studio, please click Next  



7)  Read the User License, click the box next to "I accept the license agreement" if you agree and click [Next]





8) On the Product Registration screen enter your User Name and Company Name, click [Next]




9) For an initial installation, "Complete Setup" is the default and correct selection, please don't change this unless advised by technical support click [Next]




10)  Ready to Install the Program; click [Next] 



11)  Installing the GrafficPro Studio features




12)  You have completed the basic setup and GrafficPro Studio Administrator is now ready to launch please click the check box for Launch, click  [Finish]





13)  On the first launch of GraffixPro Studio Administrator please complete the Activation information.  All items with * are required.  Receiving communication from Pulse Micro is optional.


Enter the activation serial number supplied through your software support ticket, click [Activate Now!]







14)  On launch, your web browser will open with the GPS Administrator login prompt - the default credentials are:

User name:  administrator

Password:  administrator  - if desired, you can change the password within the administrator, however, there is currently no password reset should you forget to write down your change and the remedy is to reinstall GPS.  We recommend no change at this time.



Welcome to the GraffixPro Studio dashboard, here you will create your Products, add Designs and Fonts and set the Preferences for your unique company.

Please read and follow the User's Guide chapter 13, Working with the GraffixPro Studio Administrator.


15) Working with the GraffixPro Studio Designer:  User's Guide chapter 3

Following the installation and activation of the Administrator locate the shortcut on the desktop for the GPS Client(Designer), double click the icon to open the GraffixPro Studio Client(Designer) and begin enjoying your new designer software!




You may also need to install the Brother GTX driver 2.8 for output with GraffixPro Studio



You may also need to install the GTX print driver v2.8 from Brother.  Below is a link to the driver download page



 the GrafficPro Studio User's Guide is available below for download

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