Serial Connection > Not Connecting Trouble Shoot Procedure


Your Computer has stopped communicating with your Sewing Machine Via your Serial Cable Connection.




Serial connections can be touchy sometimes.  The trouble shooting procedure below should solve the problem if you had a previous connection to your machine(s) and it suddenly stopped.



If you have never had a Serial Connection to your sewing machine the information below will not help you.  You will need the information found after clicking this button > notconnectedbutton.jpg


I have been connected in the past and need help Reconnecting continue below



Solution 1


1) clear all of sewing machine memory 
2) Clear design queue [ File > machine connection >> Design Queue ]
3) Be sure your design file name that is being sent to the sewing machine has no special characters
   and has a file name with no more than 14 Characters

4) If you are receiving a 8002 Error you may be attempting to send a design with the same file name as a design that
   is already in the queue or in your sewing machine memory.
   The Sewing machine can not overwrite a file so, if you try to send a design with the same file name to the machine      

   and it is already at the machine or in the queue you will receive an error 




Solution 2

 1) Reboot your computer. !! wait until the PC is completely booted before proceeding to step  !!

2) Turn your sewing machine off and then back to [ ON ].

3) Start DG/ML Software

4) Try sending a design to the sewing machine {Did the design send and can you pull it into the machine?}

If not >>

1) Go to Start > Control Panel >> Administrator >> Services >>>{ scroll to "PULSE" } Double click it , See if it says [ STOP ] or [ START]

  • Either [ STOP ] Selection or the [ START ] Selection buttons will be available for you to click on.
  • You will want to STOP the service by choosing [ STOP ] if it is not already Stopped.


Click [ START ] to re start the Spooler service 

  •  Close DGML and Re start your DGML Software.

    NEXT >
  • Clear the Queue in DGML Software 
  • File > Machine Connection >> Queue
  • *Right mouse click on icons if available and choose { DELETE } to remove the designs from the queue.
  • send a new design to the sewing Machine > { were you able to read the design at the sewing machine?}


If you were not able to read a design at the machine after attempting the above please create a support ticket by clicking the button below:


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