Design List - Deleting Design list DG16, DG15, and DG/ML Version 14

If you are experiencing any of the following issues, a design list clear may be the solution:

1) Receiving error while trying to read Design from the Design Spooler at the embroidery machine

2)  Error : Not able to read from Design List,  Any Design List error 6005

3)  Design spooler hanging up, slow transfer to the machine

4)  Changed Machine names and some machines not showing

Special Note*  The ProgramData folder may be hidden on your computer.   Follow the instructions below to unhide your folder before continuing with attempting to Delete the Design list folder contents and restore with new files.  You can review the computer folders available by clicking on the File Explorer icon in the Windows task bar


If the ProgramData folder is not visible, follow these directions to display hidden files and folders.

1.Open Folder Options by clicking the Windows Start button , type Folder for best options to display, click on File Explorer Options as shown below.



On the File Explorer Options window:

Click the View tab. (1)

Under Advanced settings, click Show hidden files, folders, and drives (2)

Then click OK. (3)


The ProgramData Folder will now be visible.





Deleting Design List: [[  VERSIONS 16, 15 and 14 ]]


  • Stop the Design Spooler service  - this icon can be found in the Tajima programs folder


  • Using the File Explorer, browse to ThisPC / Local Disk(C:) / ProgramData / Pulse / Design Spooler / Design List

  • Select and delete all files and folders in the Design List Folder


  • Go back to ThisPC / Local Disk(C:) / ProgramData / Pulse / Design Spooler  - a quick way to do this is to click on DesignSpooler in the path

  • Double click on the  EmptyDB Folder


  • Double click on


** note, you may have to Extract the files within this folder and should be prompted by a zip program installed in your computer; below is an example of this process.

Click on Design List (1) and then Extract (2) and OK (3) to copy the files into the EmptyDB folder (as shown in Copy To:)



  • Following the Extraction process close the zip program window. 


  • Double click on the Design List folder now located in the EmptyDB folder




  • Copy both files in the Design List folder - hold ctrl and type A to select all then  right click and click Copy 

  • Go back to ThisPC / Local Disk(C:) / ProgramData / Pulse / Design Spooler  - a quick way to do this is to click on DesignSpooler in the path



  • Double click Design List to open the folder



  •  Paste the copied files into the Design List folder - you can hold ctrl and type V to paste or right click in the folder and select the Paste option from the menu


  • Close the Windows Explorer and restart the Design Spooler Service




  • Following this procedure, it is a good practice to turn off the embroidery machine and then back on to refresh the connection to the Design Spooler.


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