Security device Driver Install / Update Security Device Driver instructions


USB Device light may be flickering on and off or Your Security Device may intermittently turn on or off or not work at all.  Security Device driver may need updated if moving to new Operating system such as Windows 10



download the latest USB Security Device Driver The steps are: 

1. Remove your USB Security Device from computer

2.  Download the latest drivers at:
clickherebutton.jpg after seeing image below > 

  *  See image below which shows the driver to choose once you are on the page that displays after clicking the link above.



Note:  If the Thales site requires a log in, please search the site for Sentinel Protection Installer for the most current Windows download, as Thales makes changes, the version and download number will change.



You can also download the attached zip file and extract the files for the installation - once extracted double click on the file shown below highlighted in yellow



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