TMAR-K machine Manual and Network activation

Please click the link below to download a copy of the TMAR-K User's Manual

Click here to download the TMAR-K manual

Here are the instructions for turning on the Network feature in the TMAR-K machine.  ** Note, you may have to unlock the TypeII menu options first:

1. Press the Gear icon

2.  press P1 then p6 2 times  - this opens P8

3.  press Password (functional limit)

4.  press the Book

5.  Press Functional (limit level)

6.  press the Book , enter the pasword, 0000 (4 zeros)

this opens a page asking for SEL, 1,2

7.  Press SEL, then press the Book

8.  Choose ALL YES, press the Enter button - this returns to the previous screen

9.  press Enter again

10.  Press the Escape/Return button to go back to the main screen


To Turn on the Network function and add Static IP settings or select Auto settings

  1. Press P7
  2. press 78 Optional Device Software

  3. Press [T] to enter

  4. Network will be highlighted, press [T]

  5. Change the appropriate settings based on your network on P1 and P2, Press G to accept.




10.  Return to main menu using back button in the top right corner on P1.

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