TMAR-K, TMEZ machine Manuals and Network activation Type 1 and Type 2

Please click the link below to download a copy of the TMAR-K User's Manual

Click here to download the TMAR-K manual

 TMAR-K Type 2 machine network function access.  Unlock the Type II menu options first:

1. Press the Gear icon

2.  press P1 then p6 2 times  - this opens P8

3.  press Password (functional limit)

4.  press the Book

5.  Press Functional (limit level)

6.  press the Book , enter the pasword, 0000 (4 zeros)

this opens a page asking for SEL, 1,2

7.  Press SEL, then press the Book

8.  Choose ALL YES, press the Enter button - this returns to the previous screen

9.  press Enter again

10.  Press the Escape/Return button to go back to the main screen


TMAR-K Type 1 Network function access turn on P7 - Step 4 Password is 0000




To Turn on the Network function and add Static IP settings or select Auto settings - 

  1. Press P7
  2. press 78 Optional Device Software

  3. Press [T] to enter

  4. Network will be highlighted, press [T]

    1. Set Network to DG/ML,[V1] for all connection setups.

    Change the appropriate settings based on your network on P1 and P2, Press G to accept.   network_p1.jpg



10.  Return to main menu using back button in the top right corner on P1.

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