Download Tajima DG17 >  Current Release  DG For Download And Installation

Download Tajima DG17 >  Current Release  DG For Download And Installation.



This download applies to customers who have already purchased or are currently using Tajima DG17 .   Please contact your local distributor if you have an older version and wish to purchase Tajima DG17 .  If you have a previous version of Tajima DG16 or DG15  and wish to download the latest maintenance release available, please type "Version Download "in to the knowledge base search field.  You will be presented with available downloadable versions.** See what's new in this update by downloading the What's new PDF below 


Recommended Systems Requirements:

Below is a list of the recommended computer specifications if you plan to purchase a computer for Tajima DG17. 

• PC with 64-bit 3.0 GHz Quad Core Genuine Intel Processor 

• Microsoft Windows® 10 or Windows® 11 operating system (64-bit) 

• 16 GB RAM 

 • 4 GB hard disk drive space available 

• Mouse 

• At least one Universal Serial Bus (USB) port (for attaching the security device) 

• A LAN (Local Area Network) connection 


Minimum system requirements: 

• PC with a 64-bit 2.5 GHz (or faster) Quad Core Genuine Intel processor 

• Microsoft® Windows® 10 or Windows® 11 operating system (64-bit) 

• 4 GB RAM 

• 1 GB hard disk drive space 

• Mouse • At least one Universal Serial Bus (USB) port (for attaching the security device) 

• A LAN (Local Area Network) connection 


Additionally, an internet connection required for access to PulseCloud services. 


Important note for Windows 11 “Home” edition users: As installed, Windows 11 Home edition will be in “S” mode by default. In this mode, you are only allowed to install software that comes from the Microsoft store, so you will not be able to install Tajima DG17. To switch out of “S” mode, do the following: • Open the Microsoft Store and navigate to the “Switch out of S mode” page. • On this page, select “Get”. Once you see a confirmation notification from the Microsoft store, you will be able to install DG17


 Here is how to install Pulse software.

Installation Instructions: 

1) Click the DG17 icon below to download software and save it to your desktop or downloads.


dg17 icon.JPG 



If prompted, click on Save File, this will place the setup file into Downloads; in some browsers, the setup file will automatically download.


2) Once downloaded - if you are not prompted to run the file, open the download folder and double click the setup.exe file

     - Installation will begin 


3) A window will pop up >  Asking "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?", please click YES to proceed with the installation. 

make change.JPG

This will begin the InstallAware Wizard.  Note, if InstallAware is new on your computer there will be a few pre-requisite screens before the Wizard begins, please click [Next] on each screen to continue to this verification window.                         


install aware wizard.JPG

   4) Select your language...the default is English however, there are other choice in the drop box (click the small black down arrow for other options), click [OK]


5)  Please Note:  there may be a period of time where it appears nothing is happening while there the installer is preparing for the installation.

6)  This will be followed by screens that show components required for the installation like these shown below, please click Next.


This screen will show you pre-requisites required for the software to install and will install them for you, please click Next


pre rec.JPG



7)  The Install Aware Wizard is now ready to proceed with the installation, please click Next to install




8) Read the User License, click the box next to "I accept the license agreement" if you agree and click [Next]



9) On the Product Registration screen enter your User Name and Company Name, click [Next]

prod reg.JPG


10) For an initial installation, "Complete Setup" is the default and correct selection; please don't change this unless advised by technical support click [Next]

set up type.JPG


11) On the Design Spooler page you can choose whether or not to install the Design Spooler along with the program.  NOTE:  If the Design Spooler is already installed on a different computer on your network or you will not be sending designs from the software directly to the embroidery machine change the default setting of YES to NO and click Next to proceed.




12)  The default software destination folder will install in the Program Files folder, this should not be changed under normal circumstances; click [Next]

des folder.JPG




13)  The Start Menu group will display and please use the All Users(default), click [Next]

start menu.JPG

default settings.JPG

14)  You have completed the basic setup and Tajima DG is now ready to install, please click [Next]

ready to install.JPG


15)  While Tajima DG17 is installing you will see a green progress bar until complete; please be patient this may take some time depending on your computer speed!



16)  You have several options on completion...check the box next to Run Tajima DG17  now to begin right away or uncheck to begin at another time from the desktop shortcut that was created during installation.    Now click [Finish]

setup complete.JPG


Note!  If you did not plug in your security device prior to clicking Finish you will receive this message, click OK and plug in your device



The next step will be to update the security device using the update file emailed by Pulse for your unique device.  If this is the first use of the device or if you have updated/upgraded from an older version the Update Security Device window will open automatically for the process


On the Select Update File

1.  click the arrow next to the window at look in, select where you saved the upd file

2.  click on the upd file

3.  click Open 



When the successful update window opens, click OK.  Close the DG program and reopen it, you do not have to restart the computer.



Welcome to DG17!  Time to register for training!


DG17 release notes are available for download in this article.  DG17 Release Notes

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